Former Red Bull reserve driver Antonio Felix da Costa has said Formula 1 is wrong to pursue closed cockpits as a future safety measure.

Having served as a Red Bull reserve in 2013 and 2014, Felix da Costa, who now races in Formula E and the DTM, has spoken against the introduction of closed cockpits to F1.

“Everything that F1 does in three, four or five years will be in every other open-wheel series,” the Portuguese racer told “So I think that is the main idea, that F1 serves an example to the other championships.

“It’s good that everything is much safer today, we have almost no deaths and that’s a big deal.┬áBut as a driver I believe that there has to be an element of danger.

“I know it might not be fair to say, but it’s a very dangerous sport and that’s why there’s only around 20 drivers in a category, rather than 100,000. And we have to keep it like that.”

Felix da Costa has also lamented the fact that F1 appears set to get rid of an open-cockpit standard that has been around since the dawn of the category.

“Are [closed cockpits] safer? Yeah. But the end of the day, how long has F1 had open cockpits for?

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